Do you want to check your security status quickly and simply? The Cyber Security One-Time FullScan provides insight in your current cyber security status and potential vulnerabilities through automated scans and analyses of your infrastructure. The Cyber Security One-Time FullScan quickly provides fact-based recommendations and an action plan to improve your security. It’s the perfect way to maximize security and demonstrate that your organisation takes security seriously.

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The engagement timeline is one week, with limited time required from your end. We approximately need half a day of your time in total to do the Cyber Security Quick Scan.

Intake and preparation (15 min)
In this step we will do a short call to discuss the next steps, the requirements and to discuss expectations.
Installation, scan and questionnaire (2.5 hours)
In this step we will install the CSAT on a fresh machine in your environment, run the scans and go through a questionnaire in the CSAT.
Presentation of the report (30 min)
We will present the action plan to you and you colleagues, so you see where you currently stand, and how you can improve your cybersecurity. The report will outline ‘Quick wins’ and a list of recommendations for your cybersecurity roadmap.

The final deliverable is a factual finding report. The report will include a list of the identified vulnerabilities and practical recommendations, limited to the in-scope IT infrastructure components considered for testing, at the specific time the review is conducted. Should client require an assurance report, specifically an opinion on the effectiveness of the security controls implemented in the IT environment for the related devices, you will need to ensure that the sample devices selected for testing is representative of the entire IT environment.

Table of content

1 Management Summary
2 Action Plan
3 Cybersecurity Findings and Recommendations
4 Technical Data
5 Advised Product Overview
6 End of Life Products