CSAT SAM Pricing

Together with the Microsoft SAM&C team we have created a special price for using Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) in a SAM Cybersecurity Engagementand SAM GDPR Engagement.

The CSAT will help your organization deliver more value in the SAM Cybersecurity and GDPR valueplay. The deliverable of the automated scans is a report that provides insight into security vulnerabilities, based on data from the customer’s infrastructure and Office 365. The CSAT provides recommendations and an action plan to improve their security. It shortens the time you spend in the engagement, while increasing the value you deliver. It’s the perfect way to do an up-sell to new security projects and licenses and help your customers to demonstrate that they take security seriously. This is also important given the GDPR legislation.

CSAT SAM Cybersecurity and GDPR Channel Incentive Pricing

The pricing depends on the customers channel incentive level. The levels correspond with the organisation levels in the Microsoft Channel Incentive spreadsheet.