Developing an action plan to improve the security of the IT infrastructure is not simple. Where should you get started? What are the priorities? What vulnerabilities are there? IT infrastructure is complex and there are many aspects to be taken into consideration. Your gut-feeling is that improvements can be made but getting hard facts to back that feeling up is time-consuming. There must be a better way!

An action plan based on facts

We believe that an effective action plan to improve IT security must be based on the facts collected from the IT infrastructure. Don’t just look at the technical infrastructure but also take user activity into account and decide which improvements to implement first based on the data you find. That sounds easy, but it can quickly become a difficult and time-consuming task. Even so, we still believe that this is the only way for organisations to approach security. Don’t invest in products just because they have great features, don’t start projects without clarity about the magnitude of the problem and define clear priorities before starting any project.

QS solutions developed the Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) to help organisations quickly develop a concrete and comprehensive plan to improve their security. Based on facts collected from the hybrid IT infrastructure. This gives you a quick and comprehensive insight into the state of your security and where the greatest challenges are located. With the action plan with clear priorities, you can implement improvements quickly and it helps you start with the issues which require the most immediate attention.

The cyber security action plan

By using smart tooling and a global network of experienced partners, we can deliver an advisory report and action plan in just one working week. All relevant aspects of IT security are covered, and the report is based on international recognized Security Frameworks. This ensures that we cover all relevant security topics and that you can quickly see where new investments in security will have the most impact. Finally – a clear and well researched plan to help you to convince management!

More information about what exactly is scanned and technical information about how the CSAT scan is carried out can be found via this link.