The Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) provides fact based actionable insights that help customers mature their security practices. One of the recommendations from the assessment is often that organizations need to improve their IT Asset Management practices to better understand what IT assets they have. The more a company can tell about their assets the better their security is.

Better insights and technological advances help tighten and control many security and privacy risks. However, with these improvements, cyber attackers are shifting their focus to the ever-vulnerable human. The risks associated with the human factor are  recognized as the most important in the organization’s overall information security strategy.

IT Asset Management Training

Kresko 360 offers a comprehensive set of training helping customer to mature IT Asset Management practices and provide their Employees with Security and Privacy Awareness training.

Kresko 360 offers the full IT Asset Management training portfolio of the International Association of IT Asset Managers IAITAM, including CAMSE (Certified Asset Management Security Expert) and CITAD (Certification in IT Asset Disposition).

Security and Data Privacy training

Through its partnership with MediaPRO organizations can get access to a library of Employee Security and Data Privacy training. The so called Adaptive Awareness Framework, a flexible, continuous education model that includes analysis, planning, training, and reinforcement, gets employees empowered to keep data safe.

About Kresko 360

Kresko 360 is based in Oslo, Norway and was founded in 2017. Our objective is to grow our business in a responsible way making sure that the quality of our work is not put at risk. Training and related services and solutions are delivered internationally. Visit for more information